January 23 - Colossians 1:9-12

1. Most often, when asked what is the end goal of being a Christian, church goers will say - to be like Jesus? How is that answer problematic? It may have also been a blessing for you - how has it been a positive?

2. When you think of Union with Christ - what does that mean to you? Would you like to learn more about it?

3. Four qualities of someone growing in Union with Christ is - wisdom, emotional holiness, social holiness, and holiness in our work. Which of these four would you like to grow in right now? Which of those four do you feel our valley needs right now? 

4. How could our church develop and disciple these qualities in each other? What ways would you be willing to help lead others in? Which ways would you participate in?

5. Off the Wall: Pick one of these four that you would like to grow in. What image or picture describes maturity in that quality you chose? Can you imagine a symbol, or maybe, the way a person looks when they are mature in that quality?