We want to be a Church that worships God in all we do. Giving glory to the One that is most glorious, and loving the One that is most lovely. Whether we worship through song, liturgy, the Word, celebrating the Lord's Supper, or through other means - we seek to be respondant worshippers as God invites us to join Him in His renewing of all things through the message and mercy of Jesus Christ.

There are a lot of moving parts in our Sunday morning worship services that require willing servers to oversee. If you are looking to become involved in the worship ministry at Living Hope we are always looking for musicians, sound board operators, media team members (running PowerPoint), Scripture readers and those who are willing to serve communion.


”Sanctification depends greatly on a diligent use of scriptural means. The “means of grace” are such as Bible reading, private prayer, and regularly worshiping God in Church, wherein one hears the Word taught and participates in the Lord’s Supper. . .  They are appointed channels through which the Holy Spirit conveys fresh supplies of grace to the soul and strengthens the work which He has begun in the inward man.” – J.C. Rylie


If you would like to be involved in our worship ministry, contact our office.