Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus has brought some uncertain times, but we rest in the certainty of Christ. We'd like to share with you here what we are doing as a church in this pandemic, share resources, and provide you with updates on plans for re-opening when restrictions are lifted.


Index of items below (scroll down or click to see them):

1. Our COVID Response Update

2. Links to our Online Services

3. Get Connected

4. Helpful Links

5. Pastoral Care Commission

6. Get Connected to children/youth Zoom services

7. Pajama Devotionals





Our COVID Response Update

Our Elder’s team and staff have been hard at work updating our response to the current regulations. 

Our Current status:

All our in person services are temporarily cancelled. We will continue to stream our Sunday Service via zoom live.

We are encouraging all congregants to practice physical distancing and follow proper hygiene practices in order to delay the spread of the COVID-19 virus.




Join us this Sunday for our live-streamed service!

Living Hope Church is continuing with regular weekly sermons, join us live-streamed on Youtube this Sunday on our Youtube channel: Living Hope Church Courtenay


Our Streamed Services and Sermons





Pastoral Care Commission

If you are in need of practical help or prayer we would like to encourage you to reach out to our Pastoral Care Commission. Whether it’s groceries, supplies, or just a phone call we are here to help.

To get support just fill out a Contact Form and let us know in the comment section how we can help.

Online Hope Kids and Youth Group

Hope Kids and our Youth Group are currently on summer hiatus. We'll be starting up in the fall, please subscribe to our newsletter, or connect with us by our Contact Form to ask for more information. 



Pajama Devotionals - hiatus until after summer

We would also like to welcome you to watch our “Pajama Devotionals” hosted by our pajama-clad Pastor Micah.

Click Here for the link to the full pajama devotionals playlist!