Our Hope Groups are small home-based communities who are seeking to live out the vision of what it means to be the Church in an upward, inward, outward model. We seek to worship God (UPWARD) as we walk through life together (INWARD) and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ into all corners of our lives, homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces (OUTWARD). We share the same vision as the larger Church body of Living Hope as we desire to move towards worshipping Jesus, growing as disciples of Jesus, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus.

..but you might be wondering, what does discipleship look like?


Discipleship looks like Gospel saturation, Gospel fluency, Gospel proclamation, and Gospel demonstration.


Gospel Saturation

We work as individuals and a community to give as many people repeated opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and respond in repentance and faith
Gospel Fluency

We work to help people develop a Christian mind and Christ-like character in the context of Biblical community, helping them live together as disciples of Jesus
Gospel Proclamation

We work to equip people for ministry both inside the church and beyond it’s walls (leadership, evangelism, missions, mercy, justice, vocational domains, … )
Gospel Demonstration

We work to raise up and send people into ministry in the church and beyond (commissioning elders, deacons, group leaders, age group ministry leaders, church planters, missionaries, … )

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Hope Group ministry at Living Hope, use the form below to contact Micah Smith, our Hope Group Coordinator.

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