1. Where in this season are you sensing darkness in our world? Where do you feel darkness in your life?


  1. He created all things, and brings light into all dark spaces. How might God be bringing light and life into your situations?


Virtue Pair: Mission and Renewal

  1. Do you long for others to know who Jesus is, and for them to know his love, care, and grace? What does it look like for them to know Jesus? How might that happen?


  1. In our churches, often the business of keeping things going gets in the way of God's redemptive work by his Holy Spirit. How are you helping your brothers and sisters to know the light of God's life in their lives? What ways might God be calling you to be light and life to the congregation?


  1. Off the Wall: Light in the darkness is so familiar at Christmas time, almost over used. Can you share with your small group, how you visualize light shining out of dark spaces? As you share your descriptions with one another, hopefully, it will spark new experiences of seeing how light shines.