1 Corinthians 12:4-27
1 Corinthians 12:4-27 - Love Gifted

1. How do you feel, specifically, able to serve and care for others in this season? What ways have you helped to build up the faith of others in this season?

2. Have you ever completed a spiritual gift inventory? How are those helpful, encouraging, and empowering? How are they unhelpful, limiting, or frustrating?

3. Do you feel like a member of a BODY with other members? Do you feel like a special member, who would normally be seen as less honourable or less respectful by the world's standards? How can a church give greater respect and honour to members who by worldly standards not receive such respect and honour?

4. Is there a part or role in the church that you wish you had? Is there a role in the church you would never want to have? During some seasons, we may not be called to roles or gifting opportunities we would like to be. And at others, we have to take on roles or gifting opportunities we would normally not want to. Talk or journal about how to discern those situations well. 

5. Off the Wall: The body is a phenomenal metaphor for the church congregation. Can you identify ways that this metaphor could be even more meaningful with all that we know about the body in 2020 that we didn't when Paul wrote this letter? How can cells, or veins, or immune system, nutrition, or disfunction help us think about the church as a body together?