Psalm 74
  1. Whether a loss is BIG or small - the feeling is still very present and can overwhelm us. What does it feel like for you to acknowledge or name your losses? 

  2. Has someone you know, recently suffered from significant loss in this season? How have you cared for them, or found a way to shine light into their lives?

  3. Have you ever dealt with loss or grief? What has helped you to move through and experience the feelings well? In what ways have you maybe avoided it and tried to ignore it?

  4. What are some of your losses from the coronavirus pandemic? Could you take a moment and list them and reflect on them and bring them to Jesus in prayer? Is God able to hear you tell him about them?

  5. Off the Wall: Do you have anything you can colour with around you? Could you take a few moments to draw and colour in a bottle - this bottle is the bottle of your losses, what colour is it? What shape does the colour take in the bottle (liquid? gas? more solid?). Is it moving? Or static. Is it light? or dark. Is it cloudy, opaque, transclucent ... what colour is your grief?