Psalm 95
Psalm 95
  1. What have you missed about worship in this season? 
  2. What have you enjoyed about worship in this season?
  3. When things we hold dear are taken away from us, it provides an opportunity for bitterness to take root, anger, doubt, confusion, anxiety, depression, and other negative psychological and emotional responses. What elements of those are you experiencing in regards to church right now?
  4. In what way might God be calling you to intentionally step out towards him as part of your worship and devotion towards him, and in particular, with regard to serving the body of Christ?
  5. Off the Wall: What significant experience have you had with Rock? With something nature made that is VERY hard. Can you share that story with your small group? How can hardness be both a comfort and a threat to us? Does hardness particularly give you negative associations or positive ones?