Psalm 140
Psalm 140
  1. What has been your relationship with the Psalms? When and how were you introduced to them? How have you used them? 
  2. Are you aware of Jesus' use of the Psalms, as quoted in the New Testament? Lookup a couple of times when Jesus refers to the Psalms. What sense does it give you that Jesus is quoting and using the Psalms to interpret his own life?
  3. Psalm 140: have you ever hand an opportunity where a prayer like this would fit your life? If you're willing, please share that time with your small group. 
  4. Have you prayed like this to God? How does it work out in your relationship with God, to pray in this way? How does it work out in your relationship with your neighbour, to pray in this way?
  5. Off the Wall: What colour, or feeling do the Psalms have for you? Try to imagine the Psalms as a building. What type of building is it? How do you enter, and what does it feel like to walk in this space? Is it really big inside? Is it small and cozy? Is it dark and austere? Is it dusty and untouched? How do the Psalms feel to you? --- How would you like them to feel?