Acts 2:42, Matthew 26:25-29, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26
Questions for this week's Sermon:

1. Do you remember having Communion for the first time? Or, do you remember how you interacted with or understood Communion when you were very young?

2. How has Communion impacted your faith? 

3. Do you have any sense of the other people you take Communion with? In what ways are you aware of how they are relating to Jesus Christ? Do you sense yourself as part of a body, together with taking communion, or do you feel more like an individual - taking Communion as individuals apart from one another?

4. What different ways of taking Communion can you think of? How might those different methods communicate different aspects of what Communion means?

5. Off the wall: Is there a painting or picture of Communion that invites you in? One that inspires you to desire to be a part of that meal? Please share that image with your group.