Jeremiah 29: 11-13 Ps. 133

Sermon Questions :  

1. Have you been prayed for by a group, or in a group? What was that like?

2. Think of a time when you prayed earnestly for someone in their presence? What was that like? How do these two experiences influence your understanding of prayer?  

3. Think of the various kinds of prayer we engage in during our Sunday services. Are there other forms of prayer you have experienced elsewhere? What are the strengths of each of these?  

4. Looking over your journey as a Christian, what are some "in-between times" you can identify in your life (between life events, between trouble and God’s help, when facing major decisions, etc.)—either currently or in the past? How did/does prayer help you through those times? How do you testify to others about God’s work in your life during these times?  

5. Praying with God’s people: Sometime this week, find a Psalm of Ascent from 120-134 (they are all short) and see if you can rewrite it in a journal, or pray it to God connecting each verse to your own life experiences. Make the words your own. Reflect on how this might shape the way you read the Psalms.