Colossians 4:2-6
This week's Sermon Questions
Colossians 4:2-6
  1. How has prayer been important for you in your walk with Jesus?

  2. What preconceived ideas do you have, about how you should pray, or how often you should pray?

  3. What has been a helpful habit or learning about prayer that someone else has taught you?

  4. Often - when we get taught about how to do something like a discipline such as prayer, we feel guilty when we don't live up to the standard we believe we're supposed to have. Prayer is meant to be a one on one relationship development between you and Jesus, so although there are similarities from one person to another, and great learning can happen as we share techniques, revelations, helpful habits, and so on - you need to develop your own prayer life in your own way. 

    What can you do in this season, given you and your specific life circumstances - to help you go deeper in your prayer life, one on one with Jesus?

  5. Off the Wall: Can you think of or find a poem, that expresses some aspect of intimacy that connects to your personal expression and experience of prayer?