John 20:1-8
This week's Sermon Questions
Easter Sunday: Knowing What we Know - John 20:1-8
  1. How did you hear about the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

  2. Who have you told that Jesus was resurrected? I think we often assume that people already know that we (Christians) think that Jesus was resurrected.

  3. How does a truth soak and seep into your life? What ways and means do you let a revelation, a new truth - deeply saturate and change or transform you?

  4. What ways do you know of for sharing truth with others? Right now - it is so easy to surround ourselves with others who think like us, and hear only confirmation bias of what we already believe. What are good ways now to share truth such as the gospel of Jesus Christ?

  5. Art is a way of communicating that can slip past our cognitive walls: That's why Jesus taught in parables, to be able to tell truth in ways people don't get defensive but remain open to the truth. What story has given you a deep truth of life? What work of fiction has revealed truth to you that has shaped your life?