Sermon Questions :

  1. What's the biggest parade you've ever been a part of?

  2. When someone comes in at the head of the parade, as the honoured guest, what do you expect from them in the days to come?

  3. What do you wish God would do for you?

  4. This Sunday is Palm Sunday - before Jesus was crucified. Why does he come humbly? Are we successful enough as Christians, that he should return with flags and banners and a celebration?

  5. Off the Wall: There are pictures of Jesus all bright and shining. And there are pictures of Jesus all broken and sorrowful. They evoke different feelings, and different longings for us. Both provide authentic pictures of who Jesus is. It is easy to look at the gloriful pictures, but less so at the others. How do you make yourself ready and available to look at the pictures that are harder to look at?