Matthew 5:10

Text: Matthew 5:10 (in the context of Matthew 5:1-10)

  1. What story can you share that you know of people being persecuted?
  1. What would be worth being persecuted for, for you? What would you be willing to suffer for?
  1. How can God reveal himself to someone who is currently undergoing suffering? How can God make himself real to you in a time like that?
  1. Is there some sense in your life right now where you are being pressured in society to make choices that do not conform to your faith? What are they?
  1. Off the Wall: Take a moment to find an image of Pablo Picasso's Guernica. Make that full screen on your computer if possible, and spend some time looking at the image. Take 10 or even 15 minutes if you can. Just look at the picture. Write down some of your thoughts, and if possible, share them with someone else. For extra credit, see if you can find a short write-up on the piece that describes what was happening and why he painted it.