Matthew 5:1-10

Sermon Questions :


  1. How does our society in general resist experiencing mourning? Or, in what ways do we discourage mourning in our communities?


  1. What phrases do we use to shortcut mourning? How do we speak to each other or ourselves, and try to get past mourning without feeling it fully?


  1. Can you share a story where you have mourned, and experienced the comfort of God? Or, maybe you haven't experienced that comfort yet or fully, can you explore how God is present in your mourning and your experience of that?


  1. How have you helped, or come alongside of, or been present to the mourning and suffering of others? Can you share a story of coming alongside someone else's experience and entering into it? How were you able to be present there? What evidence did you find that God was present?


  1. Off the Wall: Is there a particular work of art, like a painting sculpture you can think of that exhibits mourning for you?