1 Kings 8:14-15; 8:17-21; 8:41-43; 8:84-49 and 10:1, 4-6

1 Kings 1-11

1. What's your view of who Solomon was? Would you have liked to live under his rule? Why?

2. Would your answer change if you were one of the Israelites sent to work under Hiram of Tyre in exchange for gold to build the temple?

3. Do we see any modern governments with commitments to power, fame, or money? Choose one of those - How does a commitment to one of those by a government affect people who are less well off?

4. If someone succeeds in the bible, does it mean everything they do is correct and godly? How do we read the bible well if it doesn't tell us exactly which actions are approved by God and which ones are not?