This week's Sermon Questions for Small Groups
Psalm 6
1. Do you have a favourite psalm? What are the life circumstances that made that psalm special to you? 
2. What feels like “home” to you? How does church—our church specifically—nurture that sense of home for you? If you are not experiencing that, what would be helpful to that end; what are you missing?
3. How do we offer hospitality to others in our church family?  How do you offer hospitality to others in our church family? (Think both big picture, and small details.)
4. Have you supported someone who was suffering illness, grieving a loss, facing tremendous challenges, or experiencing injustice? How were you present for that person? How did God speak to you during that time? 
5. Have you shared your testimony (your story of how God has shaped you and drawn you to Himself) with anyone? Have you ever written it down? Is there anything new to add—life events, answers to prayer, moments of guidance, or periods of silence—since you last shared your story? Perhaps as a small group or with a friend you might want to take turns sharing your life story. Take your time and listen for how God might be revealing something of himself, and yourself, as you share this.
6. If you decide to share life stories with others, as you listen to someone else's story how does God speak to you? How is listening both a challenge and a blessing?