This week's Sermon Questions for Small Groups
Luke 1:57-66
  1. Have you ever had a community celebrate a gift from God with you? Or, have you ever celebrated someone else's gifts from God wtih them? How might a community do this well?

  2. Child dedication is a meaningful step submitting our roles as parents to the will of God. How does participating in dedication help parents put their roles in the proper perspective with God as Father?

  3. Our names gives us meaning, and we give our names meaning. What does your name mean? Has your name been a blessing and a gift for you? A part of your calling? How might you grow further into the reality of your name?

  4. Have you ever felt silenced, or gone through a period that feels like you have been silenced. When that period ends, were you ready to praise God? How might you prepare during times of silence, to be ready to praise God when the silence ends? How would you share that praise with others?

  5. Off the Wall: What is something could praise God for, that maybe you haven't shared that praise in a way that others could hear about it? How might you share that praise creatively?