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Located in the beautiful Comox Valley, British Columbia. 

Join us in person for Worship this Sunday, June 11th
We will be meeting at 10am on Sunday at The Little Red Church (2182 Comox Ave)
You Tube - streaming June 11th Weekly Sermon Questions
The Lord's Supper: A Holy Meal - Food of Life
Matthew 26:26-29



This Sunday June 11th


Last Sunday June 4th 


























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If you are in need of practical help or prayer we would like to encourage you to reach out to our Pastoral Care Commission. Whether it’s groceries, supplies, or just a phone call we are here to help.

To get support just fill out a Contact Form and let us know in the comment section how we can help.


As part of our denominational commitment to address sexual misconduct, protect and serve victims of sexual misconduct, and promote safe ministry contexts - we provide this means of Reporting Sexual Misconduct through our national office.