Our Annual General Meeting for 2021 will be held March 30th, 2021. The business meeting will be called to order at 7pm, with fellowship and worship beforehand. The meeting will be held by Zoom, and there will be telephone access as well. If you would like any help setting up Zoom or getting access by telephone, please contact the office for help.

All are welcome to attend. Those who are registered as members will be able to vote. Voting will be done digitally, or by telephone. Details to follow. 


Annual Report 2020 - Download


The nominating committee nominates the following people:

For the role of elder:

Jacquie Anderson

Hello! My name is Jacquie Anderson and I am a mother, daughter, wife, sister, teacher, poet. My husband Doug and I have lived in the Comox Valley for 23 years now. We have 3 grown children—Hannah, Madeline and Simon—and 2 sons-in law, Colin and Jackson. Our children are currently living in Victoria and the Vancouver area. ... (read more)



For the role of nominating committee:

Chris VanTol


Gord Funk

Our family (my wife Beth and our 3 children,) moved to the valley in 1990 when I accepted a teaching position in SD71....(read more)